Providing guidelines for the responsible use of AI in healthcare

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Our Purpose

The Coalition for Health AI (CHAI™) is a community of academic health systems, organizations, and expert practitioners of artificial intelligence (AI) and data science. These members have come together to harmonize standards and reporting for health AI and educate end-users on how to evaluate these technologies to drive their adoption. Our mission is to provide guidelines regarding an ever-evolving landscape of health AI tools to ensure high quality care, increase credibility amongst users, and meet health care needs.

Our coalition intends to develop a framework with Health Equity in mind, aiming to address algorithmic bias.

Our Members

By being members of the Coalition for Health AI (CHAI™) we agree to:

  • Achieve consensus via communications, status meetings, and working meetings. The coalition will hold votes for unresolved items if the group fails to achieve agreement through these venues.
  • Survey, harmonize, and integrate the work of this coalition with existing art, both within and outside the healthcare domain, to form an important component of the coalition’s activity. Consideration will be given to “what makes health care different,” inspiring entirely new approaches.
  • Ensure our work focuses on the interplay of AI systems and models with health policies, interventions, and evaluations of how such tools affect consumers.

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