Providing guidelines for the responsible use of AI in healthcare

Our Plan

Our Purpose

Recognizing the promise of AI to improve patient care and support the professionals, systems, and loved ones that care for them, we came together as a diverse and interdisciplinary group to build a home for people seeking to harness these new capabilities to improve lives. AI in healthcare is still in its infancy, so collaboration among multiple stakeholders is essential to defining the values, purpose, and practices necessary to ensure that these technologies help, not harm.

Lives are at stake in healthcare. In this industry, we have a responsibility to make certain that the benefits of any innovation outweigh the risks. For every person. We believe that by working together with multiple stakeholders, including technology innovators, academic research teams, healthcare organizations, government agencies, and patients, we can help to drive the development and broad adoption of approaches that guarantee the safe and effective use of AI. We recognize that creating an ecosystem where we fully realize the promise of AI to transform patient care requires the embrace of diverse voices, needs, and expertise.

We created the Coalition for Health AI (CHAI™) to welcome a diverse array of stakeholders to listen, learn, and collaborate to drive the development, evaluation, and appropriate use of AI in healthcare. Keeping patients, including their families and communities, as the focus of attention, CHAI™ exists to:

  • Engage a diverse set of stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem to inform broadly applicable best practices for the development and deployment of AI applications in healthcare.
  • Champion the responsible use of AI in healthcare, building on efforts with AI safety, reliability, transparency, and equity being pursued more broadly for AI applications.
  • Ensure that best practices are established from the outset with equity and fairness – including opportunities for traditionally underserved communities – embedded without compromise.
  • Spearhead the development of approaches for testing and evaluation of AI systems by promoting discovery, experimentation, and sharing of work in AI in healthcare, including methods that leverage “traditional” machine learning and more recent developments in generative AI.
  • Advance a set of technical measures and metrics that can be used across a variety of use-cases in health with community consensus.
  • Support health systems (both larger, e.g., academic medical centers and lower resourced health systems), health plans, medical device manufacturers, and biopharma companies with information on best practices, measures, and toolkits for the testing and evaluation of AI applications in healthcare.

Our coalition intends to develop a framework with Health Equity in mind, aiming to address algorithmic bias.

Our Members

By being members of the Coalition for Health AI (CHAI™) we agree to:

  • Achieve consensus via communications, status meetings, and working meetings. The coalition will hold votes for unresolved items if the group fails to achieve agreement through these venues.
  • Survey, harmonize, and integrate the work of this coalition with existing art, both within and outside the healthcare domain, to form an important component of the coalition’s activity. Consideration will be given to “what makes health care different,” inspiring entirely new approaches.
  • Ensure our work focuses on the interplay of AI systems and models with health policies, interventions, and evaluations of how such tools affect consumers.

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Non-Profit Founding Partners:

  1. AdventHealth
  2. Boston Children’s Hospital
  3. Duke Health
  4. Health Level Seven International
  5. ideas42
  6. Johns Hopkins Medicine
  7. Kaiser Permanente
  8. Mass General Brigham
  9. Mayo Clinic
  10. MedStar Health
  11. Mount Sinai Health System
  12. National Health Council (NHC)
  13. Providence
  14. Penn Medicine
  15. University of California Health System (including UC Davis Health, UCI Health, UCLA Health, UC Riverside Health, UC San Diego Health and the Jacobs Center for Health Innovation, and UCSF Health)
  16. University of North Carolina Health
  17. Sharp HealthCare
  18. Stanford Medicine
  19. Vanderbilt University Medical Center
  20. Yale New Haven Health

Industry Founding Partners

  1. Amazon
  2. CVS Health
  3. Google
  4. Microsoft